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BS sneakers will send the most authentic factory photos (“QC”) of the BS sneakers to customers on the second day after the order is placed, so that our customers can see the BS sneakers as soon as possible and feel whether the BS sneakers are real. If our customers are not satisfied, BS sneakers will immediately let the factory replace BS sneakers, and will not ship until our customers are satisfied, so that our customers have a pleasant shopping experience in purchasing BS sneakers!

BS Sneakers shipping diagram
BS sneakers logistics are all over the world, please consult our customer service staff when purchasing, whether you need to pay additional tariffs where you are, to avoid unnecessary points competition.  BS sneakers promises that as long as you place the order on the same day, we will send you the BS sneakers QC map on the next day. If you see that there is no problem with the sneakers QC,BS sneakers will deliver the goods for you in time!